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6 (Out Of 1,000,000) Reasons We Believe Owning a Dog Makes You a Better Person


It's Scientifically Proven That Dogs Make You Happier 

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Ever come home from a long day and instantly forget all your troubles once you finally see your dog? Spending even just a few minutes each day with your pup increases your brain's production of dopamine and serotonin, both of which reduce stress and improve overall mood. 

Dogs Teach Kids (and Adults) About Responsibility 

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Hey kid, are you going to throw that or what? - Beans (Cedarcide pet)

Opening your heart and home to an animal is no small commitment. You are now responsible for the well-being of another living creature. Having a pet is one of the earliest lessons children can learn about love, responsibility, social skills and empathy. As a bonus, children who grow up with dogs also have a lower risk of developing allergies. 

Dogs Make You More Active and Therefore, Healthier


It's a fact that people who own dogs go outside more often than those who don't. Potty breaks, neighborhood walks, even hiking, camping and other outdoor activities—all quickly become part of your lifestyle once you own a dog.

Dogs Teach You How to Love and Communicate Better

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Dogs need patience, understanding, love and affection. Learning to be more affectionate and communicative in non-verbal ways with your dog will improve your interactions with those around you, too. 

Dogs Make Everything More Fun

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Going to the park? BEST DAY EVER! New tennis ball? BEST DAY EVER! You left for 5 minutes and came back? BEST DAY EVER!  Dogs are enthusiastic about everything, and that fun energy and excitement is contagious. 

Dogs Help Teach Us What Really Matters


One of the greatest gifts our dogs give us is unconditional love and companionship. Dog owners often find themselves choosing quality time with their pups over social outings or extra hours in the office. Dog's help teach us what's important in life: Relationships, loyalty, and love. 



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Donna Jean D
21 Mar 2015
Always outstanding. New products in response to demand is great. I have been a customer for over 10 years.
I don't even get "explorer" ants anymore.

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