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How Do Bugs Survive Winter?

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Ever wonder how bugs survive the cold? How can they disappear in winter and then re-emerge so quickly in spring? Most people think bugs either migrate or die during the colder months. But what most people don't realize is that many insects continue to live among us during throughout the winter. 


How Do They Survive?

Many species such as butterflies, dragonflies, moths and beetles migrate in large groups to warmer areas during the winter. Distance depends on species but some have been known to travel several thousand miles.

Communal Living
Some insects such as bees, ants and termites practice communal living, surviving on stored food and a colony for support.

Seek Shelter
Most insects seek shelter in the winter. This could be something like a brush pile, a hollow log, a dog house, or your home.

Freeze Control
Many insects have developed strategies for surviving harsh conditions including controlling their body's ability to freeze.

Similar to hibernation, some bugs enter a paused period of development called Diapause. This allows them to slow their metabolism and become inactive. This can take place in insects at all life stages and some larvae can freeze and then resume developing when temperatures rise.

How Do I Keep Them Out of my Home?

The best way to keep bugs from entering  your home is to make sure to block all possible entry points. Doing a thorough perimeter check around you home at least twice a year is good practice for bug prevention.

Areas to check could include but are not limited to:

Window Screens

Dryer Vents
Foundation cracks
Exterior cracks
Roof Openings
Trash Bins
Recycle bins


What Kind of Bugs Are Most Common Inside the Home?

Fleas are one of the most common pests we get calls about during winter. If fleas are able to live indoors they will continue to multiply in your home. Performing regular flea checks on your pets as well as using naturally sourced preventatives is key in keeping fleas from becoming a problem.

If you do see fleas,  be sure to wash any bedding, clothing and other items you believe could have been exposed. Vacuuming floors and furniture will help pick up eggs that may be hiding in the fibers. Spraying down all areas with a naturally sourced flea spray will help kill existing fleas as well as repel additional individuals from coming inside

Bugs to Watch For Outside Your Home

Do you stack firewood near your home? If so, you could be inviting wood boring bugs into your home. Do not store wood inside your home and only bring it indoors when you are ready to use it. This will keep bugs that have been living inside the wood from escaping into your home.


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21 Mar 2015
Always outstanding. New products in response to demand is great. I have been a customer for over 10 years.
I don't even get "explorer" ants anymore.

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